To log(n)

I’ve stumbled upon this site . It contains a list of competency for programmer, from the basic and to the expert. Reading on the list, I mostly on Level 2 or n (this is a term used in analysis of algorithm) even though several sections put me on Level 3 on also on Level 1. But I want to be conservative when looking at my own knowledge and skills so I decided to see myself as still in Level 2 (on average) and I am planning to improve my self on the section that I am lacking of. I want to reach Level 3. The Log(n), that might be the fastest algorithm on the planet because if you put 3,000,000 that it equals to¬† 6.47712125.

Currently, I am focusing on improving my algorithm knowledge so I decided to re-learn the Algorithm and Data Structures subject that I’ve learned on my college. After a small research, I came up with The Algorithm Design Manual as the best book for learning Algorithms.

Also, I decided to log my journey on this trip to log(n) and beyond!

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